Random choices

Going to a hospital is always a bad sensation. You never know what you are going to find, how many days you’re going to be there, how things are going to complicate themselves. Life sometimes gets complicated, I think for the best, it twists us in other circumstances we didn’t think we were going to be. Sometimes it’s a product of our past decisions; sometimes it’s a random choice that life makes for us. As of today, I was scheduled for a thyroid surgery… At the same time I’m writing this last sentence, the nurse called my name. I finished the sentence….the high levels of hepatic enzyme postponed my operation.

I started from the beginning, the nurse that called my name was supposed to see two others patients before, but they were not there and I was. So she took my case and we started talking, I expressed my concerns until this day: the thyroid had to be removed completely, but nobody knows why my hepatic enzymes are so high. Then I call my reference doctor and he says to postpone it, then the anesthesiologist said the same and the surgeon confirms. Yesterday I was supposed to do this preadmission, but I left the papers on the house and came back today. I guess it was the nerves, or a random choice of life.


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