two things to remember

Past weeks I saw two movies with the protagonist Hally Berry.
Some quotes remain in my head:
-Accept the goodness-, from the movie Things we lost in the Fire.
-There eyes were watching God-, that is precisely the name of the title of the movie.

I saw myself as Hally Berry searching for love and seeing Goddess in everything. Where her eyes focus, she felt beauty; and beauty always appear to her eyes. That doesn't mean she didn't pass trough hard moments and that even she was searching God, sometimes she didn't received back was she was looking for. But the promise of beauty was there and her focus spirit lead her to love and fell God, always.

p.d. Gracias Mela por recordar con tus palabras la verdad: -Yo sólo quiero ser Feliz-


Asiray ha dicho que…
Zora Neale Hurston lo escribio. es una de mis musas! buscala.

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